Latest EVENFLO SECURE KID Recalls latest automotive recalls from the National Highway Transportation Safety AdministrationFri, 24 May 2019 04:44:30 GMTen-us1440Copyright 2019, Eladrel Technologies, LLCAutomotiveEVENFLO SECURE KID RECALLED FOR CHILD SEAT, HARNESS BUCKLEEvenflo Company, Inc. (Evenflo) is recalling certain convertible and harnessed child restraints, models Momentum 65 (including LX and DLX), Chase (including LX, DLX, and Select), Maestro (including Performance), Symphony (including 65, LX, 65 E3, and DLX), Snugli All-In-One, Snugli Booster, Titan 65, SureRide DLX, and Secure Kid (including LX, DLX, 100, 300, and 400). The affected seats have model number prefixes of 306, 308, 310, 329, 345, 346, 371 or 385. The defect involves difficulty in unlatching the harness buckle. In the convertible car seats and harnessed booster seats, the buckle may become stuck in a latched condition so that it cannot be opened by depressing the buckle's release button., 03 Apr 2014 00:00:00 GMT