Latest GRACO 8462JAM Recalls latest automotive recalls from the National Highway Transportation Safety AdministrationSat, 13 Aug 2022 20:04:44 GMTen-us1440Copyright 2022, Eladrel Technologies, LLCAutomotiveGRACO 8462JAM RECALLED FOR CHILD SEAT, BASEEQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION: GRACO SNUGRIDE INFANT CAR SEATS, MODEL NOS. 7493G9, 7493RS, 7497HL, 7497SY, 7499LK, 7499N2, 841101, 841102, 841103, 841203, 8412T02, 8457D5, 8457DVB, 8457F3, 8457GP, 8457IND, 8457MA, 8457MV, 8457RG, 8457TMJ, 8457TMP, 8457YL, 8458A5, 8458AE, 8458B7, 8458D8, 8458FKB, 8458HE, 8458HH, 8458KY, 8458N5, 8459VL, 8460LV, 8462HAV, 8462JAM, 8471UVB, 8472BLW, 8472BRN, 8472CYP, 8472GMP, 8472MAD, 8472YL, 8474HAB, 8474MEL, 8476VIN, 8477HAV, 8477JAM, 8477NGS, 8478SAR, MANUFACTURED BETWEEN AUGUST 31, 1999, AND FEBRUARY 28, 2002. THESE SEATS MAY BE MISSING COMPONENTS ON THE BASE OR THE CARRIER SHELL. THE COMPONENTS ARE 1 OR 2 METAL HOOKS AND THEIR RETAINER PINS ON THE BASE, OR THE MATING "U" SHAPED BARS ON THE CARRIER SHELL THAT ARE USED TO ATTACH THE CARRIER TO THE BASE. PLEASE NOTE: ALL AFFECTED MODEL NUMBERS MAY ALSO BEGIN WITH THE LETTER "A". A MODEL NUMBER LISTED, BUT BEGINNING WITH AN ADDITIONAL "A" IS ALSO INCLUDED IN THE RECALLED SEATS., 18 Mar 2002 00:00:00 GMT