Latest COOPER 950R165LT Recalls latest automotive recalls from the National Highway Transportation Safety AdministrationFri, 30 Sep 2022 14:11:41 GMTen-us1440Copyright 2022, Eladrel Technologies, LLCAutomotiveCOOPER 950R165LT RECALLED FOR EQUIPMENT, OTHER, LABELSINCORRECT LABEL PLACED ON TIRE, FAILS TO MEET REQUIREMENT OF FMVSS 119. CONSEQUENCE OF DEFECT: LABEL SHOULD READ 9.50R16.5LT/8RR INSTEAD OF 9.50R16LT. MISMOUNTING OF A 16.5 TIRE ON A 16 INCH RIM COULD POTENTIALLY RESULT IN SAFETY RELATED VEHICLE HANDLING., 17 Dec 1986 00:00:00 GMT